Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kingdom Spin Guide Cheats - Evolution and Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Kingdom Spin Frontier Pirate Guide

Strengthening Tips

Crew members will gain experience and level up when you fuse their card with other cards.
Strengthening cards with the same skill will also give you a chance to gain skill level up!
Remember to level up your crew members and make them stronger!

Evolution Tips

When your crew member cards reach level 20, they can be evolved to a much more powerful card with an extra rarity star. Evolving requires an identical card and some materials.
After card is evolved, it will drop down to level 1, but it will gain more stats after each level.

Special Bonus Tips

Every few hours, you will be able to collect free coins! if you collected enough coin rewards, you can collect a bigger reward! Make sure you login and play often to earn all the bonus rewards!

Login Bonus Tips

You can collect extra rewards just for login each day! The more days you play, the better rewards you can collect, so make sure login to play everyday.

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