Monday, August 11, 2014

Ice Age Adventures Guide Cheats - Animals, Gifts and The Strategy

Ice Age Adventures Gameloft for Android and iPhone Game Guide

There are many animals you can rescue and bring back to your village. Animals in their homes help generate currency, so make sure you come back often to feed them and collect from them.

There are two types of storage in your village: one for your Berries (which you collect in the village) and one for your shells (which you mostly get from adventuring). Upgrading your storage allows you to increase your maximum storage capacity.

These are groups of adventure filled islands scattered across the world. Tap the map icon to travel to these locations and begin your hunt for the missing herd!

Invite Friends
You can add friends through the social icon. The more friends you have the more gifts you can receive!

You can send tokens to your friends and they can send them to you! Tokens are used to play the mini games. Which really help you get the resources and items you need!

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