Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gunspell Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Gunspell Tips

  • Swipe the stones to collect three same stones in a line!
  • To attack you should collect the line of skulls.
  • Collect 5 stones in line to get bonus turn!
  • Higher rank of skulls provide more powerful attack.
  • When you are near the hidden stash!(Picture of a Skeleton). In such places you can find silver, crystals, and even golden coins!
  • Other worlds are often inhabited by hostile creatures! Before you engage in battle, you can check the monsters level and what items it has.
  • If you have a magic gun or other equipment. You can charged it by mana of correct colour.
  • By collecting stones of experience and silver you will increase the reward you get after the fight.
  • Get and wear the amulet or equipment and it will increase your combat performance.
  • You can get unique goods or services for gold coins, just go to the bank.
  • In meditation, you can restore stamina. Just press the buttons of the correct colour when magic orbs reach the absorption area.
  • You can open a new cell for free, by asking your friends on Facebook!

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