Thursday, August 28, 2014

Glidefire Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Glidefire Guide

  • Swipe left to evade obstacle.
  • Swipe right to evade obstacle.
  • Swipe up to jump over obstacle.
  • Swipe down to dive under the obstacles.

Red mark is a target that you can shoot! Be careful, because gun is overheating when you are shooting too much.
You will earn one experience point for every 10,000 score points, You will get a new rank for 999 experience points. the longer you ride, the faster grows your rank!
Each Glider has its own Special Ability.
You can always continue the fight without losing your success by using Crystals!
The earth alliance calculates your successes on the battlefield after each Mission and transfers everthing, you've earned in a battle to your account.

In Armory, here you can choose and improve Heroes and Gliders. Also you can find here upgrades for bonuses that you pick up while the ride.
Do not forget to check your awards regularly - you will get crystals for completed achievements!
In Friends menu you can challenge your Facebook friends in Contests. Also don't forget to check ratings.
If you will not have enough Energy or Crystals, you can use the Shop. Get free Crystals under Free Stuff.
While moving through the map you will discover new features of Gliders! When all stages are passed, all features of the alliance main base will be unlocked.

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