Saturday, August 16, 2014

Flick Knights Guide Cheats - Beginner Tips for Android iPhone Game

Flick Knights Guide

Your goal is to destroy your opponent base. flick this towards the target in the base to damage it.
As a coach, you will be playing multiple matches at the same time. Let's see what going on in the next one.
If you are attacking the left side, your team is "away" and will wear their "away" uniform.
The flicked out players will be sent back to the base-bot and be penalized with some time out.
The more flick-outs a knight has the longer they will spend outside of the match.
To use a special move on that enemy knight. Tap on your knight and then tap the special button.
Every flick knight has a different special move that will be slowly charged.
Flicking-out enemies also damage their base a little.

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