Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kung Fu House English - Strategy Guide: Cheats and Tips for Android and iPhone

Kung Fu House English Guide

Free Login Gift
Event Details: During the event period, player login to the game will get free gift.
Reward: 60 Gold, Battle Flag Order x2, Beggars Chicken x1, Silver 300
Level Requirement: 10 and above.
Name of Gift: Luxury Login

Compensation Pack
Event Details: Players are given this compensation pack due to android player faced unable login period.
Reward: 50 Gold, Beggar Chicken x3, Spirit Pill x3.
Level Requirement: 10 and above.
Name of Gift: Compensate Pack.

Mysterious Disciples Appearance
Event Details: Ximeri Chuixue, Ye Gucheng, Fanyao and Li Mochou appear in Recruit Ranking now! When you get enough disciples soul you can direct recruit the disciple from the Recruit Ranking.

Event Consume Giveaway
Event Details: During this event period, all consume gold amount will be accumulated. If players cumulative consume gold reaches a certain amount of targeted gold will be rewarded.
Redemption of gifts: When consume amount of gold reaches certain amount, redemption of gifts can be done at "event' interface.

Fanpage "Like" Event
Event Details: Free gold will be rewarded to all players when each targets of "like" had achieved!
5,000 likes reward: 100 Gold (completed)
10,000 likes reward: 200 Gold
20,000 likes reward: 300 Gold
40,000 likes rewards 500 Gold
80,000 likes rewards 1000 Gold

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