Sunday, June 15, 2014

KING OF RACING 3D Cheats Free Money/Stars and Guide for Android/iPhone Game


Money and Stars Cheat
Use any hex editor apps in android change the value of HEX C5901942 Dword to any amount of Money or Stars you want, example 999999. If the codes doesn't work (it might be the android version is the problem), you can do it manually. To do manually, just increase your Money or Stars to atleast 3 digit number. Example 444, use hex editor app and use the search function. enter your current Money or Stars and search (DWORD) for it. You can now change the value for any amount you want.

How to play without annoying ads? No Ads Cheat

Playing KING OF RACING 3D app is very annoying because it has intrusive ads, some ads may pop at random times, other ads will consume the screen space. However in this cheat, you can play KING OF RACING 3D app without annoying ads :)

You should turn your wifi off before you launch the KING OF RACING 3D app. In-case you already open the KING OF RACING 3D app, just force close or use the multitask button and swipe it out.

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