Friday, June 27, 2014

Dungelot 2 Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Dungelot 2 Guide

Use your character's health wisely. Your goal is to advance as far as  possible.

Try to weaken a strong monster before the fight.

After killing a boss you will discover a new dungeon.

Don't rush moving to the next dungeon floor. You won't be able to go back.

You can restore health and buy armor in a tavern. You will come across a tavern every 5 floors.

All the items you found have a passive property or can be used only once.

You don't have to destroy all monsters and open all cells in the dungeons. Sometimes it's better to move to the next floor.

Temples of knowledge allow you to learn a new skill of your choice. As a rule, temples appear every 10 floors.

Keep your finger on a monster to learn more about it.

Elite monsters always guard treasure chests containing an artifact. The level of such item is above normal.

Elite monsters have random skills. Don't forget to check them out before the fight to avoid getting in trouble.
By activating a portal you will be able to start your next campaign from this point.