Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fruit TokTok Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Fruit TokTok Guide

Fruit Sorting

Arrange fruit and align 3 of the same fruit vertically to complete a fruit sorting, known as a sync. Points earned from syncs increase with level.

Juice Serving

With customer's coming in difficulty **** or higher, a fruit sync makes a cup of juice. Then Juice can be served to a customer, a serve, as soon as at least one cup is ready.

Level Up

Plat single player mode to level up and unlock new features. Level up faster by breaking personal records and achieving high scores.

Single Player Mode

In Single player, set your own rules with multiple options such as number of fruit types,number of fruit belts and customers. Set up harder games (indicated by number of stars) to go for higher scores or play more casually.

Multiplayer Mode

Complete with fruit toktokers around the world for fame and riches. Play one-on-one or against 3 other players and choose your potential reward before each game. A bigger reward is given for achieving a longer winning streak playing 1 on 1.

Initiating a Combo

Sync and serve multiple times quickly to start a combo.To maintain a combo, sync or serve before the combo gauge drops to '0' and the combo resets.

Combo Bonus

Extra points are rewarded for hitting a certain number of combos (5, 10, 15 etc)

Fruities and Combos

Some fruities if properly upgraded and attached, may extend the combo gauge enabling a greater combo bonus.


Once unlocked, a burn is activated by reaching a given number of combos. The burn then continues until the burning gauge reaches zero.

Starting a burn

Hit combos rapidly to activate and fill the burning gauge, then one of burns, double fruit or direct serve, starts when gauge is full.

Double Fruit

In this burn, each fruit piece gets paired and each fruit sync yields more points and squeezes twice as much juice until the burning gauge reaches zero.

Direct Serve

In this burn, juice is served to customers instantly upon sync. You don't need to tap the juice or serve while active.

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