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Empire World Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Empire World Guide

How to trade goods in the market

Transaction window indicates the price range and the quantity of items you are purchasing or selling.
If you have submitted an order to purchase and the transaction  is not going through even after a while, you can expedite the process by resubmitting an order to purchase at the lowest selling price in the market.

When placing an order of 300 units of an item at the price of 28 gold. The transaction for the 150 units with the marked price of 27 gold will be first completed immediately, and the remaining volume of 150 units (150 out of 300) will be traded at 28 gold. Transaction for selling items will be done in the exact same way as purchasing items.

Understanding Grocery

Even after the designated supply time has passed, you can distribute items to citizens. However they will be distributed only within the volume stored in the warehouse. Items cannot be distributed if a certain level of citizen satisfaction index is not met.

Even after the designated supply time has passed, you can distribute items to citizens, Regardless of the volumes of the items stored in the warehouse, items can be distributed immediately through the use of credit.

You can check citizen satisfaction index and next supply time at the at the bottom of the main page. If the satisfaction index drops to below 60%, the rate of item production and building upgrade will go down.

You don't have to produce all the items since you can buy some of them in the market at lower prices.

Understanding Warehouse

Warehouse is the place where you can store all the items you purchased in the market as well as the items the citizens have produced.

Engaging in battles with other cities

Battles can be engaged only when battleships are equipped with cannons. Shields are not required items for battles per se, but it's always a good idea to load them up for better defence.

Select the battleships you want to enter the battle with and deploy them to the target nation. Once the battleships have arrived at the target nation, you can reconfirm the battleship that will enter the battle. You can select and attack the cities of similar level. Once the battle is over, you can repair the battleships that are in low energy at your port.

Understanding Defence Tower

With its ability to both attack and defend, defence towers can be specially useful when other players are attacking your city. Cannonballs will be automatically equipped to defence tower based on the amount stored in the warehouse.

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