Friday, May 9, 2014

Aliens Drive Me Crazy Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Aliens Drive Me Crazy Guide

This game have two challenges: Reaching the alien base and destroying the alien base.

Reaching Alien Base

Prioritize vehicles that are very fast to avoid being eaten by Godzilla Robot. You don't actually need vehicles that can easily smash enemies. You just need to go to the Alien Base, you can gain more coins from alien base than smashing enemies.

When you are inside the house, just go to the roof. It is more easier, faster and more safer because there are no obstacle/enemies that can slow down and can possibly Godzilla Robot catch at you.

Smash alien ufo by smashing or jumping through them. If you are caught by aliens ufo radar, just jump quickly as soon as possible to smash them and to avoid being hit.

Destroy Alien Base

Machine Gun are efficient when killing enemies. Machine Gun can kill multiple enemies specially if it is upgraded.

Enemies in Alien Base have a fixed fire rate when they see you, so you can dodge them by either jumping, go up or go down.

Prioritize destroying the alien base when you have few lives left than collecting coins or killing remaining enemies inside the base.

Shop Guide

Character purchases doesn't help you in game, it just changes your character appearance.

Single Use items are just expensive and not productive.

Extra Life is a must, it will help you throughout the game (Reaching the Alien Base and Destroying the Alien Base.

Upgrade Machine Gun first before you can upgrade other weapons
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