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Vampires Dark Rising Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Vampires Dark Rising Guide

Trophies - (Accumulating the most platinum trophies in the game)
Interacting with your Friends - (create your own groups)

What Is Mauling?
Mauling is a great way to burn through rage and gain increased experience.

To maul, press the Maul button under the graphic of any maulable opponent.
Mauling uses (5) rage per, and offers increased XP, from a normal attack.

Please note that you do not gain Black Blood from Mauling.

How Do I Know Which Is The Best Way To Allocate My Skill Points?
How you allocate your skill points depends on how you wish to play the game. You can choose to be more offensive (having a higher attack allocation of your skillpoints) or you may wish to be a Defensive vamp with a higher allocation to your defensive skillpoints. Another option is to be a balanced vamp with a fairly even attack and defense. Your build is up to you, but you CANNOT reallocate your points after they are distributed. Build carefully ^V^

What Is Sparring?
Sparring is the way to gain items and check your attack and defense powers that you are currently fighting with. It is also the ONLY place to receive 2 of the rarest relics in the game. You get 10 sparring points every 12 hours and you can also top-up these points at the Crypt whenever you wish!

*10 FP for 10 sparring points - stack as many as you'd like*

What Is The Crypt Power?
These are limited edition, high Attack and Defense powers that can only be purchased at the Crypt with Favor Points. Crypt powers are special offers and cannot be found during normal gameplay. They do change every so often, get them while you can!

What Are “Red Blood” Powers?
These are the powers natural to each vampire and bloodline. They are unlocked by your experience level and can be mastered with your earned red blood from fighting, missions and slave income.

Press Powers on the Home page (or Action Bar) to access your available Powers. Use the drop downs to master/unlearn larger quantities.

What Are Rare Powers?
These are powers that are awarded throughout the game. They are found by fighting or missions, and can be looted in sparring with your Dark Lord. You cannot buy rare powers. Rare powers can have very high attack and/or defense, and will sometimes be stronger than your red blood powers.

What Are Black Blood Powers?
These are very special rare powers you can acquire by accumulating Black Blood in the Dark Trinity aspect of the game. These powers are quite strong, and as you grow your vampire new Black Blood powers will become available to you. There are (3) tiers of them in each Discipline (Physical, Mental, Supernatural).

You may only buy the black blood powers of the Dark Lord you are aligned with.

What Are Slaves?
Slaves are purchasable assets meant to increase your blood income. You need blood income to afford upkeep costs on powers.

What Is The Crypt?
The Crypt is a juicy goldmine that holds precious Powers, Add-Ons and Extension items that will incredibly enhance your game play experience. Take a look around!

For example: If you’d like to use a simple gesture to heal, or bank your blood etc. the “gestures” Add-On is for you! Here, you can also change certain aspects of your character if you wish to do so, like your vampire name. You can also buy refills for sparring with the favour points you’ve earned or purchased.

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