Sunday, April 27, 2014

Soccer Rally 2 Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Soccer Rally 2 Guide

Academy and Tournament
In Academy, you can play challenges like multiball, ball sorter, cannon defence and etc to earn coins. In Tournament, you can play the real soccer rally which consist of 2 players head to head playing soccer using cars. Both can provide coins if you succeed at the challenge however the tournament gives more coins.
How to earn coins and golden balls quickly, always play Tournament 
If you succeed at tournament, it will give you 4 digits - 5 digits coins which is more higher than the academy gives. You can abuse the novice cup if you have high ranked cars. It will give your 2500 coins and 5 Golden Balls easily!
If you have a lot of coins and golden balls, you can beat any tournament
To win at the high ranked tournament, it is 50% strategy and 50% consistent. For example, The knockout match is a series of match that you need to win consecutively. If you fail once, you won't get anything except for the coins you gain in a match. If this happens, you can use golden balls to get your rematch and have a chance to win again without starting all over again. For the strategy, you just need to master the controls.
Tips on handling and scoring the ball

  • Always have a close gap with the ball, except when the enemy is also far from the ball.
  • Master the directions when going forward or backward.
  • You can trap your enemy by pitting them against the wall.
  • Position your car horizontally from the ball (Near at the Goal) when the enemy is facing at your car. You can use this offensively, the enemy will push your car repeatedly towards the ball and the ball will go the the goal. For defensively, when the enemy push you once or twice, go backward a little and bump him so you can reposition your self and control the ball as soon as possible.