Sunday, April 20, 2014

SAMURAI SANTARO Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game


Get 3 Stars always!
To get all stars from any stage, you should reach the goal, not take any damage and shoot all the enemies. Why would you aim for 3 stars? After the stage, every star has a money value depending on the difficulty of the stage. The money in stars have more value than coins found in game. Remember you need money to upgrade your character.
Upgrade Prioritization
Remember you need to take 0 damage and shoot all the enemies. To avoid damage, just anticipate any obstacles that appears quickly and you need to time your jump. Also you need to shoot the attacking enemies quickly or avoid their attacks by using any offensive skills or this defensive skill called "Unicorn Barrier". To shoot all the enemies, you need to prioritize Attack speed over Power to handle mob enemies and all targets. You should upgrade Attack speed over power by upgrading your attack speed first followed by power. When choosing Cooldown versus Active skills, you should choose Cooldown. Because you don't actually need the upgrade benefits on active skills, it is more efficient when you can use the level 1 active skills frequently.
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