Monday, April 14, 2014

Power of Logic Guide 6 Combination and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Power of Logic Guide

How to solve 4-6 combination easily? Just follow this listed guide

  • Your first row combination should have atleast "Combination - 1 = (Right Position + Wrong Position)". For example if you are playing with 6 combination, you should have atleast (X + X = 5 better or 6 best!). In the image above, the first row is (0 + 5 = 5). If you get 4 just reset your game and maybe you can get "Combination =  (Right Position + Wrong Position)".
  • After your 1st row, your goal is to get  "Combination =  (Right Position + Wrong Position)" regardless if it is right or wrong position. To achieve that, just replace one color at a time to avoid confusing. In the image above, I pick blue versus green, if it is 1 it is blue if it is 0 it is green. Now I need 1 more wrong color from the first row to eliminate. To eliminate the only 1 color, just replace ONE COLOR AT A TIME. If the (Right Position + Wrong Position) stays at same number, the newly replaced color is either a Right position or at Wrong position. If the number decreases by 1, It is likely the wrong color. In the image above, unfortunately at row 7 which is the only color that I did not replace was white and the number stays at 5. Assuming if the wrong color is yellow, I can save 1 row for that situation. 
  • WHILE you are finding the wrong color, notice your RIGHT POSITION if it is increasing or decreasing by 1. In the image above at row 4, the RIGHT POSITION was decreased by 1. If it is decreased by 1 your "newly replaced color" is surely at the wrong position. If it increased by 1, the replaced color is at the right position as seen as row 5 and 7. If it stays at the same number, the newly replaced button and the old replaced button are both wrong position.
  • After you follow this guide, you will get the correct colors and increasing your right position at the same time which will save more rows for the perfect combination. When going for the perfect combination at 6 Combinations. You should have atleast 4 or 5 right position. It is possible to get 1-3 right postion while going for the perfect combination, however you should have more rows left! Remember just swap/reposition at maximum of 2-3 colors. 4 colors will make you confuse so don't rush especially if you have more rows left.