Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nitro Nation Guide Perfect Timing, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Nitro Nation Guide

How to get Perfect Timing?

  • Always upgrade your car parts. It will help you to achieve perfect timing more easily
  • The order of difficulty in shifting: 1st Shift, Starting Acceleration, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift and so on.
  • To get perfect timing at Starting Acceleration, follow this simple steps.
  • Hold the accelerate button at the starting count. Release the button and focus to the movement of the speedometer. When you know the timing of the speedometer movement, just repeat the process but you need to hit the perfect timing at the count of 0. You will get more chances to hit the perfect timing because when you accelerate, the movement of speedometer is faster than releasing the accelerate button (decelerate). However it is likely that it will increase of getting the RED AREA because you need to pass through the red area before you can land it on green area which is the perfect timing.
  • 1st shift is difficult to master. The tips on Starting Acceleration will not work. 1st shift is very fast so aim at the yellow area (Good Timing) to get a higher chances of landing at green area (Perfect Timing).
  • Other shift is very easy to land perfect timing.