Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NEO Mushroom Garden Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

NEO Mushroom Garden Guide

What you can do in the garden

You can grow Funghi in the Garden.
Grow and harvest a lot to find rare Funghi!

Grow a Funghi

Tap on the food button and Funghi will grow while the food is in effect.
To change the duration of the time, tap on the button above the food button.

Harvest a Funghi

You can harvest Funghi by tapping or swiping on them.
Harvested Funghi are exchanged to NP.
Certain Funghi may also give Prize points.

NP can be spent at Lab for new development and more!

Earning Prize Points

When you harvest a certain Funghi that matches with the harvest box you are using, you gain points that adds to the Prize Meter.
When you earn enough Prize Points, you get items.

Obtained items helps out with the garden, or used at the lab for new development.


Funghi will turn into "Withered" when it is left alone for awhile after food runs out.

Once they become Withered, there is no way to return them to their original form. You will not gain any NP but you can remove them by harvesting.


Mold may start to grow on the log.
That mold may infect a Funghi and change them to "Infected."
Infected can spread to other Funghi, so it is best to tap on the mold to eradicate them from the log.
You can not harvest a Infected Funghi.

Infected will turn into a Withered after awhile.
But if you can eradicate the mold before it withers, you can change them back to its original form.

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