Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hero DeckMasters Guide Evolve/Boost and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Hero Deck Masters Guide

Card Boost
When a card undergoes card boost, its level, ATK, and HP increase.
Sacrificial cards that were used to boost cards will be consumed.

[Skill Level-up]
If the sacrificed card has the same skill as the card being boosted, the skill level of the boosted card increases.

As the skill level goes up, it will become more difficult to level-up. When you use a card with skill level of 4 as a sacrificial card, the skill level of the boosted card will always increase by 1, so it's better to sacrifice higher skill level cards to boost cards with high skill level to ensure more chances of getting a skill up.

Skill Levels can be raised to a maximum of 20.

Hero DM Guide for Evolve
Some hero cards can evolve by combining with other cards that completes the required set, determined by the evolution icon.
Cards that were sacrificed during evolution will be consumed.
This can be done at the Card Evolve screen.

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