Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gangster Paradise Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Gangster Paradise Guide

Jailbreaking gets easier the more you do it. Practice makes perfect! You'll eventually be able to break people far more often than you will getting busted. Breaking people out of jail can become lucrative and will make you friends.

Before unlocking the chopshop start saving up one of each of the cars required. This means you'll be able to complete a list or two as soon as you unlock it for a nice bonus.

Play styles
Choose your perks and number of gangsters based on how you play. If you don't do a lot of actions, you need to focus on getting more profit than having  a lot of gangsters and spending your money constantly. This will offset the lack of actions as you'll be making more profit, but is risky.

Best way to play
The most efficient way to play is of course doing many actions, having a reasonable level of profit whilst constantly stealing from other players and actually profiting from the steals. If you're losing more than you steal there's no point! This may how ever make you enemies and leave you open to attack at times - but if you want to gain rank quickly this is the way to do it.

Each area you have unlocked is at the same risk of being attacked. Just because you don't have any dealers or gangsters is an area does not mean you can't have money stolen from it. Spread out your gangsters evenly, but be sure to make use of the damage increase effects. Your dealers will lack respect for you when you're attacked and turn the tide of war if you're not protecting them with enough gangsters of their own level or higher.

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