Sunday, April 27, 2014

Call of Cookie Guide Ingredients and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Call of Cookies Guide

List of Ingredients
  • Cookiller: Flour, Honey, Chocolate 
  • Delight Shooter: Flour, Milk, Cinnamon
  • Bat Taste: Flour, Skimmed Milk, Chocolate
  • Wheat Watcher: Milk, Butter, Powdered Rock
  • Shino Biscuit: Rice Flour, Cherry Blossom, Ginger
  • Knight of the Cake: Flour, Hazelnut, Sesame
  • Spice Pike: Strawberry, Sugar, Sesame
  • Cereal Killer: Flour, Ginger, Toad Blood
  • Lillypop: Orange, Strawberry, Hundred Year Egg
  • Bazoocake: Oil, Powdered, Metal Salpeter