Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beach God Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Beach God Guide

Game Instructions
Tap and hold to flex to impress beach babes and maintain until they cross the line. If you failed, they will think you as a poop and if you succeed they will like you displaying as "+1"
How to get a high score?
You as a Beach God still have limitations, when you flex you will lose stamina and when you failed you instantly die.
You can regain stamina when you do nothing, so how can you regain stamina safely? When a beach babe is far from you, they just walk however when they are near from you, she may add speed to her walk so becareful.
Some beach babes walks faster than other even when they are still far. Be aware when you encounter fast walker beach babes. Just prioritize them when they are near, sometimes they will run.
One of the advantage for fast walkers is the time between passing through the line is small so you can tap for a very few seconds and you can immediately release the hold so you can gain stamina.
Slow walkers disadvantage is they stay longer in the line thus making you exhaust when you flex.
One of the difficulties in playing Beach God is when you encounter beach babes mob. Just pray even you are Beach God to survive.

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