Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thumb Motorbike Racing Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Thumb MotorBike Racing Guide

Check the settings first
Change your controls which is your most prefer and comfortable to use. You can also change your difficulty.
Difficulty Mode
There are three difficulty modes: Easy, Medium and Hard. Medium is the default settings.
How to get more coins faster
For casual users you can change your difficulty into an easy mode. However your bonus coin earned from finishing the race at 1st place will be reduced in to 250 coins multiplied by the level you played. In Medium difficulty you will get 500 coins multiplied by the level you played and for Hard Difficulty you will get 750 coins multiplied by the level you played.
If you are an expert, choose Hard Difficulty
If you have a winning rate of 66.7% or above for hard difficulty, just stick with hard difficulty. For example if you have a winning rate of 66% for hard and 100% for medium. When you played for three games at level 1, the result will be 1500 coins for both difficulty. So you should have a winning rate of 66.7 or above.
Cars doesn't give advantage in racing
Regardless of cars you choose, the difficulty will be almost the same. The only difference/benefit from buying new cars is you will get less time to finish the race.