Thursday, March 6, 2014

SUMMON MASTERS Guide for Evolution, ETC and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

1. Exchange

- You may prepare for various battles with the "Troops" Menu.
- Select the troop already in formation or the empty unit slot and then select "Unit Exchange" Menu
- Select the category from the top menu and select the unit for exchange.
- Select the exchange button on the right and the two units will be replaced.
- The same process can be applied to exchange the equipment worn by the unit.

2. Troops Set

- If you press "Select" on the left, the set can be saved depending on the use.
- You may save up to Max 5 sets and the 5th set will be used as a defense deck in battle.

3. Strengthen

- Select the unit/weapon in the strengthen menu.
- Select the "Strengthening Target" on the left.
- Select the unit to strengthen.
- Go into "Select Subject" from the previous stage and select the unit as your subject.
- The unit used for the subject will disappear if you decide to proceed with the strengthening process.
- Select "Start Strengthening" on the right and the target unit will be strengthened.

4. Summons

- You can obtain a new unit or weapon using Summon menu
- Summon types are divided into unit/weapon summons.
- SP or Gold obtained from battles can be used for general summons.
- Tickets or Cubic earned from gameplay can be used for premium summons.

5. Evolution

- Select "Unit/Weapon Evolution" from the Combine Mune
- You can evolve 4 star units/weapons into 5 star units/weapons or 5 star units/weapons into 6 star units/weapons.
- You can use 3 unit/weapon ingredients to either obtain a top rank or lose one of the ingredients to either obtain a top rank or lose one of the ingredients.
- Select the ingredient from the list and press the "Start Evolving" button in order to start the evolution.
- 100K gold is used for 4 star evolution and 300K gold for 5 star evolution.

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