Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mission Sword Guide, Tips, and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

In Game Tips

Upgrade your character's Atk, Def, Combo, Agi and Skill 1 level at a time which means before you can upgrade your Atk at level 3 you must upgrade the other stats to level 2. Every upgrade of specific stats increases it coin cost, so it is more efficient to upgrade 1 level at a time.

Achievements are just like your missions. Missions that gives stats/skills rewards to your character.

To gain mana, just attack an enemy or obstacle. Mana are used to use special skills.

Only the level 1 charge is not useful among the level 2 and 3 charge. Level 1 provides a horizontal attack but it has weak damage and cost time to charge.

Level 2 charge is useful to kill enemies that surrounds at you when you don't have the mana for level 3 charge. However level 2 charge is best use to destroy barricade/obstacles quickly, it doesn't cost mana when you use it for barricade

Level 3 charge is very useful when it comes to mobs. It can kill all enemies instantly except for bosses. It is not effective on boss enemies as it will only deal weak damage.