Wednesday, March 12, 2014

LINE Rangers Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

LINE Rangers Guide

How do you create a Ranger

1. A Ranger with a 130 mineral requirement is activated.
     Activated Rangers are ready to be sent into battle.
     Tap the activated Ranger and the Ranger will be sent into battle from the ally fort.

2. You currently have 150 minerals. The maximum mineral limit is 400.
    Up to 400 minerals can be accumulated.
    You currently have 150 minerals, which means that you can send Rangers that cost up to 150 minerals.

Each Ranger has different characteristics, such as stamina, offense
agility, balance and range. Create the best Rangers for the situation

What is Mineral

Minerals, located in the lower right corner of the battle screen, are a type of currency for creating Rangers.
If minerals are leveled up during a battle, your mineral generation speed and maximum minerals increase.

1. Each Ranger requires a certain amount of minerals to be sent into battle.
    The amount of minerals required to send a Ranger into battle is located on the Send Ranger button.

2. The maximum amount of minerals is limited.
   Once you reach the limit, you won't earn more minerals until you spend them.
   Your maximum minerals increase when you level up using Level Up and Attribute Upgrades at the bottom of the screen.

3. If your mineral level increases during battle, your mineral generation speed and limit will increase.
    Leveling up minerals costs minerals. Your mineral level can be raised up to Lv. 8.

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