Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Larva Heroes: Lavengers 2014 Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game


1. How to move

If you touch finger icon, you can move that way.

2. Auto Attack

If hero go near to enemy unit, automatically attack.

3. Hero friend auto attack

Hero friend attack enemy automatically following hero.

4. Hero friend revival

In case hero friend is dead on fighting, you can revive using revival button. Whenever hero friend are revival, magic candy is used.

5. Hero Transformation

If you are transformation, you can be power up and use special skill. It is necessary to transform. You can buy transformation potion in shop and use gathering all of larva alphabet.

6. How to produce unit

Eating Vienna sausage, produce defense unit.

7. How to produce defense unit.

Unit of defense type defend enemy attack instead of hero.

8. Hero skill

You can buy hero skill in shop and try hero skill!

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