Monday, March 31, 2014

Fantasy Monster Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Fantasy Monster Wiki Guide

How to capture untamed monster.
First you must weaken it. When the monster is weak, seal him in the card.
Spin Rewards
Every scene you finish, you can get 1 spin to get rewards 
In game fight tips

  • Rearrange you monster to suit for your current strategy
  • Remember! if your opponent has an advantage over you, you will have to switch monsters to defeat them!
  • You can use jellies to recover some of your health
  • Afraid you will make wrong selections? You can always select auto to let your monster fight automatically
  • Fastforwarding saves time and only available after your player level reaches 12. 
Synthesis scrolls combine two or more of your monsters, turning them into a new breed. After a synthesis, the original monsters disappear and the new one may have higher stats than the originals. You can find scrolls in team mode or veteran mode. All required monsters can be found throughout different challenges.
Equip-able items
Each monster can have one item equipped. Equip-able items aren't just for evolving, they are also for resurrecting and healing.
How to Evolve in Fantasy Monster
Your monster must have equip an item that can evolve. Your monster will evolve when it reaches the required level.
Get Bonus Items through

  • Online Reward
  • Daily Reward
  • Tasks
  • Spin
If you played any pokemon games, this game is for you :)

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