Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cloud Raiders Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Know About Cloud Raiders


Is it a plane? Is it a copter-thingy? No, it's a Bombardier carrying his explosive cargo. This destructive flying unit completely bypasses the enemy's wall and ground attack units. He's armed with destructive bombs and loves blowing stuff to smithereens!


No one is quite sure how the Gauntlet came to be. Some say they fished him out from the deepest end of the ocean. All attempts to get that helmet off proved futile. All we know is the Gauntlet packs a punch like no other and has an unusual love for seaguls...


Mind your gold purses, it's time to meet the Looter! He's quick as lightning and greedy for gold! He'll leave the fight to your other troops, and go straight for the enemy's loot. Just make sure to check all his pockets once he gets back to the base...

Sky Conquest

Uh-oh, he has that look in his eye... Light the powder kegs, it's almost time for Cloud Raiders to explode onto the scene of furious, fast-paced, action-packed PvP strategy!

You'll have to send Bombastics like this guy into battle against plundering players and marauding pirate attackers!


Did you know you could place your troops in Bunkers to defend your island while you're away? If you're asking yourself "No way you could fit a dragon inside that little bunker", well.... you'd be surprised...


When a flying island isn't getting you there fast enough, pile a board on one of these extraordinary battle carriers and set a course for victory!

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