Friday, March 28, 2014

Captain America: TWS Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Guide

The Suits
The Captain's Suits are his weapons. Each one has a unique spedial technique that woill overpower, damage or stun the enemy - or alternatively, heal your allies. Use them according to your choice of agents and the mission's needs.

The Agents
Your Agents are your comrades in the fight agaisnt evil. Each mission, you get to pick two out of the four special agen classes, each with their unique abilities.

The recruiting system
There's almost always a pool of agents that you can choose from - each with different characteristics and iso-8 slots. Always be on the lookout for that really special combination, and don't forget to maximize your agent slots by upgrading your HQ Building

Agent teams can compete in the ARENA - An Agent vs Agent training system where they are awarded scores based on their performance in simulated combat. The classes and tactics you choose will decide the outcome, so plan carefully.

Squads and gifts
Team up with your fellow agents in shield squads! aside from participating in the special squad based events, you can also provide and receive extra medkits to and from your fellow agents.

How to unlock all level for the Captain America: TWS Game?
You can get the full version by paying 2.99 US dollars at the playstore
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