Monday, March 24, 2014

Adventure Beaks Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Adventure Beaks Guide

In Game Tips

  • Tap to start running, then swipe up to Jump!
  • You can Jump twice in a row to reach higher places.
  • Swipe down and hold to belly slide under spikes.
  • The dive can be tricky to perform. Swipe up to jump, then down to dive.
  • Each level contains an artifact, broken into 8 pieces.
  • Find all 8 pieces in a level to complete an Artifact!
  • Aggressive animals are everywhere so better look out.
  • Land on the heads of animals to knock them out.
  • Collect "B" "O" "N" "U" "S" Letters to play the wheel of fortune.
  • Use key to unlock new paths through levels!
  • Stumble Blocks can make you drop things!
  • They will return Artifacts and Treasure Chests.
  • You won't always get all the artifact pieces in one run.
  • Finish the level, then play it again to find the rest!
  • Challenges are short and tough, like a penguin! But you'll get outfit if you can pass.

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