Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Zombie Killer Squad Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Zombie Killer Squad is an endless running game that is similar to Subway Surfer.


Tap to shoot zombies.

Swipe to the left/right to change lanes.

Swipe up/down to avoid obstacles. Swipe up is jump, you can jump zombies, obstacles or transfer to other trucks. Swipe down is slide over to avoid obstacles.

In Game Tips

Always go to the safer lane and if the middle lane is safe, go for middle because when you are in the middle lane, you have the option to transfer in the left lane

Do not swipe to the left if you are in the left lane and right if you are in the right lane because your character will be trip off. Tripped off may cause zombies to be more closer to you, so you need to run for a few seconds otherwise if you are tripped off again, the zombie can catch you.

Always go the grave underground, it is much safer than in the roads.

To save more coins, avoid buying ammunition because ammunition are expensive. You will be given 50 ammunition at the start of the round if your total ammunition is lesser than 51. Do not buy single use items because it is expensive. Go for weapons, followed by upgrades.

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