Thursday, January 16, 2014

Viking Strike Guide, Tips and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Basic Rules

Stamina is used to enter new stages. One point regenerates every ten minutes. Different Realms have different Stamina requirements for entry. 70 Stamina can also be bought for 1 Gold.

Gold is a premium currency that can be bought in the Mall. It's used to draw prizes, recover Stamina, revive after a loss, and expand your Hero Roster.

Orbs and Heroes are divided into five elements: Water, Fire, and Wood have a "rock-paper-scissors" relationship with each other. Light and Dark are mutually opposed.

Your HP is a combination of your team's HP.

Your RCV is a combination of your team's RCV.

You can place Heroes into teams of up to 5 members.

Each team may only have one Leader.

Teams may have up to four followers. Any Hero may be assigned as a follower. They can also be locked so that they can't be put on teams.

Mercenaries may be recruited to use there unique abilities.


Orbs are divided into five elements: Water, Fire, Wood, Light, and Dark. Their respective colors are Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Purple.

Clear five or more Orbs in one move to attack all the enemy units at once!

Clearing Heart Orbs restores HP.

You can deal more damage with a combo whenever a single move clears multiple sets of Orbs. Hit more combos for even greater damage!


You can buy Gold through the Mall to get high-grade Heroes, Mercenaries, and SKL Souls.

Skills Details

Skills Types

Hero Skills are divided into Active and Passive Skills. Active Skills are available once you meet their activation requirements. Passive skills automatically take effect when you meet their requirements.

Skill Activation Requirements

Hero Skills only activate after a certain number of turns pass. Turns in which no Orbs are cleared won't count. Any Passive Skills that a Leader has are always active.

Hero System

You can spend 5 Gold to recruit a Hero. You'll usually get a 3-6 Star Hero, but there's a chance of getting higher-quality Heroes as well.

Reward Criteria

Battle Rewards

When you beat a Realm for the first time, you'll win 1 Gold!

Evolving Heroes

Evolving Heroes requires certain EVO Souls. YOu can review which EVO Souls are needed in the Evolution Interface.

You can collect EVO Souls by recruiting Heroes and in the EVO Soul Hunt event realms.

Skill Level

You can collect SKL Souls by recruiting Heroes and in the SKL Soul Hunt event realms.

Hero Enhancement

You can collect STR Souls by recruiting Heroes and in the STR Soul Hunt event realms.

Uses for Gold

Buying Stamina: Spend 1 Gold to recover 70 Stamina.
Expanding Your Roster: Spend 1 Gold to expand your roster by 5 spaces.

Revive: The first time you revive after being defeated in a realm will cost 1 Gold. Each additional revival costs 1 more Gold than the previous one.

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