Sunday, January 19, 2014

Small Fry Guide, Tips and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Touch and Hold to dive, release to swim up. The longer you hold, the deeper you dive.

Avoid Fish
Avoid fish to gain speed. Swim to the surface to jump!

When the sharks appears, jump out of the water! Also a good tip in real life.

In the air, touch and hold to drop down faster. Aim for bubbles!

Jump on 3 bubbles to enter turbo mode. Use turbo mode to escape from the shark.

Touch a bubble in space to start floating, Boldy go where no fish has gone before

Tap quickly to rise, release to descent. Avoid the asteroids.

Pop 3 bubbles in space to activate nitro mode. In nitro mode you can survive 2 hits.

Collect clams and upgrade power-ups in the shop. The shop also has cool outfits for fry

Tips for Power ups Upgrade
The best power ups upgrade is the Spawn Rate. It is more better to get low level power ups when you can get them at higher chance than getting a high level power up with a lower chance of getting them. Upgrading Spawn rate is more cost efficient, upgrading 1 spawn rate are somehow upgrading all power ups upgrade equally. You can also get more "Extra Pearl" at higher chance!

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