Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lightning Fighter Raid 1949 Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone

Lightning Fighter Raid 1949 Help

Tap the screen to move the warplane right or left.
Tap the N-Bomb icon to turn on Atom protection!
You can carry 5 N-bombs at most!

Bullets Power Ups: Increase the power of warplane bullets
Missile Power Ups: Increase the power of warplane missiles
Shield Power Ups: Absorb more damage!
Warplane support Power Ups: Call warplane supports to help you to attack the enemy!
HP Power Ups: Increase the HP of you warplane power up to protect yourself!
N-Bomb Power Ups: Weapons of mass destruction!

Bronze medal worth 1 point.
Silver medal worth 100 point.
Bronze medal worth 1000 point.

Get Medals in battling to get higher score!

Lightning Fighter Raid 1949 In Game Guide
LA-7 is the best warplane in the game because it has a powerful aircraft gun and rockets. The only downside is you only have 1 bar for HP. However when you get Bullets Power Ups and Missile Power Ups, you don't need HP because you can kill them easily. You should only worry about dodging bullets. At the early start of your game, get OFFENSE power ups as soon as possible. Take hits if need to get power ups, you can regain your health points by getting HP Power Ups. If you get all offensive power ups, your warplane can easily clear any enemy's warplanes and it is very effective in killing Boss Warplane. 
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