Friday, January 3, 2014

Arcane Academy: Duels Guide/Cheat All Quizes/Levels for Android/iOS Game

Battle Guide

You use your runes by swiping the screen. Runes needs time to cooldown when used. While waiting for the first rune to cooldown, you can cast other runes. To cast faster while the round time is not yet finished, your last swipe should end with another tap with your other finger while holding your swipe finger. Some runes needs mana to be cast while shield runes doesn't need mana to be cast but needs mana to block the damage.
Not all spells can damage your enemy candidate but it can heal or put shield on your candidate. Every grade up/ level up of your candidate will obtain either runes, coins, gems, equips and etc. Winning a duel increases your rating, plus you get more valuable trophies after the duel. Losing of course decreases tour rating. How much you lose depends on highly rated your opponent was compared to you.

Beginners Facts

Campus is where students of magic spend their time training. There are a wide variety of buildings here, catering to their many needs. Dormitories is where students store their items and change outfits. Runes are basics of magic and you cannot cast any spells without them. Remember that storage chests are limited in size, so keep only the most valuable things here and sell the rest. Runes in supplies(Store) could be very, very valuable or it could be worthless when you buy it. You can check if your rune is valuable when the boarders looks good.

Arcane Academy: Duels Quiz 9

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