Thursday, December 19, 2013

Soul Calibur for Android iOS Beginners Guide

Soul Calibur comes to smartphones but it is a 1998 Soul Calibur port. It is originally created for arcade machines that has a physical buttons. This guide will help you on how to improve your gameplay in soul calibur without the needs of learning powerful and long combos.

Adjust On Screen Buttons
Since it is an arcade port, you need to adapt the onscreen button because your smartphone have only touchscreen that acts as your controller. The default buttons are A, B, K, G and ABK. The ABK is a guard breaks attack but it is not suitable for beginners. You can replace the ABK button with another two simultaneous buttons. You can only have 2 simultaneous buttons. I recommend to get the AG/BG button because it is a throw attack that deals high damage but you need to be in a melee position of the enemy. You can choose the other simultaneous buttons, it is your preference since the KG, and BK have a set of different actions based on your character. You may also retain your ABK if you know how to use it well.
Soul Calibur Beginners Moves 
We all want to learn on how to execute long and powerful combos to do high damage, but it takes time to learn. In this guide I will list beginner's friendly moves that deals high damage.
Canyon Creation (Hold): Hold <- then press B
Bull Rush (Hold): Hold -> then press K

Rock Hammer Ax (Hold): Hold <- then press B
Shoulder Tackle (Hold): Hold -> then press K

Grave Rose: Hold A and K

Fatal Drive: Hold <- then press B, press another B for Low attack
Earth Divide: Down, Right Down, Right then press B

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