Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blocky Roads Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Tips on how to finish any level on Blocky Roads

Practice "Perfect Landing"
You do perfect landing when your all tires land at the ground simultaneously. It gives coins depending on how far you land. Perfect landing avoids flipping your car and does not lower your cars's health points.
Watch your "Car Upgrades"

  • Engine helps you climb hills more easily. also consumes less fuels. 
  • Drive provides better traction and helps you climb hills more easily.
  • Suspension improves car stability and decreases the chance to flip.
  • Chassis improves car health and makes it lighter that helps the car fly farther
Do not upgrade your engine and chassis until it is needed. Engine and Chassis upgrades increases the chance that your car will flip. Only upgrade engine when you need more fuel and only upgrade chassis when you can't reach hills or ground. Prioritize drive and suspension upgrades because it helps you to survive from any level.

Do not purchase custom cars and upgrade it.
Custom cars will still have the default tires and had the same health points of the default car. 

Get all treasures in your current level before you proceed to next level
Treasure gives rewards such as coins, pets, farm decorations and most importantly new cars. New cars provides bigger tires and increased stats than the default car but it is more expensive to upgrade newer cars. New cars will help you on finishing newer levels because it has a already upgraded car parts and lesser chance that your car will flip.
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