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Spirit Stones Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Spirit Stones Guide

Summoned cards
Each card has it's own level
There are normal, high normal, rare and super rare cards.
rare or super rare cards have powerful attributes.
More star means better cards, Acquire the best card with 7 stars.

There are 4 classes: Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Thief. Each class has unique abilities.
Each class is represented by unique colors of red, blue, green and yellow. these colors correspond to the colors of the puzzle blocks.
The left circle indicates current evolution status. The number of circles indicates the max evolution level. The red circle notes current evolution level.
There are 2 circles total, if you see 1 red circle, you currently have a level 2 card and may evolve it up to level 2.
If you only see 1 circle, you can't evolve thecard.
There are cards that can be evolved up to level 4.

Connect 3 or more same colored blocks.
The ally in the corresponding color will attack.
Damages = ATK x number of connected blocks.
You can use rainbow blocks to connect different colored blocks.
There are different skill blocks that can be connected with normal blocks.
Use the skill blocks to create a powerful combo.
3 combos will create super skill block.
Use super skill block to connect the blocks to use it.
Find hidden quest treasures in the box.
Tap the box to earn treasures.
Each enemy has its own turn.
Once the turn becomes 0, it will attack.
Allies HP decrease from the enemy attack.
You'll lose with  0 HP.
Select a monster for a target.
Your attack will be on that target monster.
If you don't set a target enemy, you'll attack the enemy right in front.
Units with unique skills may be used on certain turns.
Tap a unit to activate the skill.
First time encountering the monster?
You'll see the details on the bottom.
Tap the details and receive Gold.

Want more power? Try enchanting your card.
If you have any unnecessary cards, use them to enchant other cards.
All material cards will disappear.

If you have 2 identical cards or cards that meet created evolution requirement, you may evolve them to create a powerful card.
Equipment embedded in the material cards will disappear.

Other Features
You will see quest stamina (during puzzle battle) and the battle gauge (Hellgate/Battle) on the top menu.
Attack hell monster in hellgate  with your friends.
Once you successfully defeat the hell monsters, you and your friends will receive the rewards.
In battle menu you can fight against other users, take 7 different colored emblems from them for the reward.
On the bottom menu, you can manage your friends or purchase strong and powerful cards at the shop.
Tap the button at the far end to see different menus in game. Try clearing the mission for great rewards.
Use gems to purchase Wines/Gold or continuing after death.
Use wines to instantly refill up quest and battle stamina.
You may open a random box at the shop.
Acquire a powerful card at the shop
Hearts are in-game friend points.
You may send hearts to your friend once a day.
Collect hearts to acquire a card or refill stamina.
You can also collect hearts when your friend broows your cards or joins the hellgate battle.
Collect spirit stones with fearless warriors and protect brikeaz from the evil kras.

I see cards that can't be evolved.
4 Stars on an evolving stone indicates the stone's MAX evolving level.
There are some cards that don't have evolving stones.

What's a card's unique skill?
Higher leveled cards have unique skills.
You may use them once in a stage on a certain turn.
How can I do better at puzzles?
To win the puzzle battle, you must create the most amount of damages and pick the right target based on your units attributes, stone colors, and skill combos. You should create a powerful party with high ATK and skills.
What should I do to win the battle?
Creating a powerful party and maintaining battle stamina are crucial. Form a your battle strategy based on the opponent's status.
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