Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ninja Revenge Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Ninja Revenge Guide

Connect your google plus account to get free 2000 coins.

Use your free 2000 coins to upgrade your three active skills/power ups and level 1 for bounty hunter.

Shadow Clones
Heals percentage of HP over time.

Your ninja will automatically attacks all enemies encounter.

Blade Fury
Your ninja will bounce while slashing.

You will be INVULNERABLE when using an active skill/power ups.

Save your coins and get level 1 of attack speed.

After all of your skills/power ups has been upgraded at level 1. You can choose what any skills/power ups should be level up first since all skills/power ups are very useful.

Don't get any utilities as they are very costly and you can only use them once.

You can also get free coins by completing Ninja Revenge App offers.

Ninja Revenge Cheats for Daily Hunt

You can earn more coins for daily hunt, when you finish a daily hunt you will get coins. There is a time cooldown for finishing a daily hunt. 

To reset you daily hunt time, Just follow this steps
  1. Exit and Ninja Revenge Panic Farm by going to settings->apps->Ninja Revenge->force stop and uncheck notifications
  2. Change your time/date, it is more practical to change your date by adding 1 day. The game will reset your daily hunt time.
  3. Open Ninja Revenge to make sure if it is working.