Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jelly Dash Guide, Tips, Time Cheats and Strategy for Android/iOS Game

Jelly Dash Mini Guide

How to get high score in Jelly Dash Game?
You don't need to use special effect all the time because it is a waste of money. Focus on getting coins to use high level special effects or to get unlimited life.
When dashing a jelly, the block behind the jelly will turn into white.
When all blocks turns white, you will be rewarded with a time bonus.
Always prioritize dashing 5+ jelly over getting all blocks to turn white.
When you get a time bonus, there will be a time gap that your dashed jelly will not turn the block white.
When you see a long chain of jelly, just dash it and get the jelly bomb to create more white blocks after the time gap of time bonus.
When you don't have a long chain, just eliminate those 2 pairs or three chains of jelly to create a good long chain of jelly after the time gap is ended.
When your time is near OR when you are in the last dance stage, save those bomb jelly because it will be automatically bomb and produce score after your last dash.
Focus on other chained jelly that don't have a bomb jelly to create another bomb jelly for more score.
If you don't have enough long chain of jellies, just pick a longest chained jelly with a bomb jelly.

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