Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gang Lords Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Glu Gang Lords Guide

Victory provides the following rewards:

  • XP: Increases Rank and Energy
  • Captured Gangster: can be used in your deck
  • Cash: used for training gangsters
  • Glu Credits: from difficult missions, used to buy rare gangster
Allies are cards that belong to other players. They can be used to assist you in combat.
Allies can be added as friends,giving you access to their cards and doubling their respect points bonuses. Earn respect points to win new cards.
To earn maximum respect points from friends, create a player name.

Certain faction colors are rivals with each other. A faction's color affects damage against it's rivals.

The highlighted indicators show the effect a rivalry has on damage:
  • Green = Increase Damage
  • Red = Reduced Damage
  • White = No Effect
You can increase a card's level by using other cards to train it. Cards used in training are consumed and removed from your deck.

Some cards have unique special abilities. Use them to defeat particularly powerful enemies.

Passive abilities affect your entire gang. Only leader and friend cards can give you these bonuses.

Abilities have counters that decrease by one after each round of combat. Once the ability's counter reaches zero, it must be activated in order to be used.

Each building requires energy to attack it. Energy costs are listed below each building.

Each gangster has an initiative counter. Sometimes it is a goodidea to find ways to attack before your opponent does.

You can reduce a card's initiative counter by supporting it with another card.

Support relationship are represented by support connectors on the map below.

You can support a card with multiple gangster for additional damage bonuses.

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