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Encounter Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Encounter The Endless Guide

Encounter Cheats

You can get hourly rewards in encounter. There are 4 hourly chest you can open.
You can speed up things by following this simple instructions.

  1. Open all chest in Encounter.
  2. Exit and go to your settings (You do not need to force close the app because it will automatically reset encounter)
  3. Add 1 day to your current date.
  4. Open Encounter and open your hourly chest.
If you want to get more chest, just repeat the steps above.
If you want to go back at your current date, dont open a chest and just change your date to your current date. 

Encounter Best Team combination and it's skills

Fighter(Boost)/Priest(Change or First Aid)/Mage(Gather)/Magic Knight(First Aid).
  • This team provides very good all target damage.
  • First Aid for emergency healing OR to have always full of HP.
  • Boost gives boost damage and boost skill effects.
  • Gather skill is your emergency skill to eliminate many enemies in just 1 move by pairing 4 Mages.

Encounter In-Game Skills list that you should get.

Charge/Clash: 1 Hero or Thief and 1 Fighter or Samurai
Add damage for next turn.

Weak/???: 1 Hero or Thief and 1 Mage or Magic Knight
Down Enemy attack for next turn.

Triforce: Triple Hero
Powerful single attack.

Rob: Triple Thief
Get x2 money.

Dead End: Triple Fighter
Powerful single attack.

OHGI: Triple Samurai
Powerful single attack.

Firewave: Triple Mage.
Powerful all target attack.

Firestrike: Triple Magic Knight
Powerful all target attack.

Power Heal: Triple Priest
Powerful Heal.

Concert: Triple Poet
Powerful Heal.

Stun Edge 2 Fighter or Samurai and 1 Mage or Magic Knight
Skip Target enemy attack.

All Attack: 2 Priest or Poet and 1 Fighter or Samurai  |  1 Mage or Magic Knight and 2 Fighter or Samurai
Single Attack turns to total.

Speed: 2 Mage or Magic Knight and 1 Mage or Magic Knight | 1 Mage or Magic Knight and 2 Mage or Magic Knight
Skip Next enemy attack (ALL).

Lifesteal: 2 Priest or Poet and 1 Hero or Thief | 1 Priest or Poet and 2 Hero or Thief
Absorb half of the damage.

Block: Priest or Poet and Hero or Thief
Block enemy attack.

Charge: Priest or Poet and Fighter or Samurai
Add damage to your next Attack.

Encounter (Job) Skill Inorder (Descending Priority)

Triforce: Allows you to deal high damage to a single enemy
Block: Block one enemy attack

Dead End/OHGI: Allows you to deal high damage to a single enemy
Stun Edge: Stuns your enemy target once.
All Attack

Power Heal/Concert: Save this skill when you have very low health.
All Attack

Mage/Magic Knight
Speed: Skips enemy attack.
Stun Edge 2
All Attack

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