Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dragon Realms Guide, Tips, Time Cheats and Strategy for Android/iOS Game

Dragon Realms Summarize Mini Guide to Victory

Selecting a hero does not assign you to a faction

Faction: The silver alliance
10% more damage vs. the undead legion.

Faction: The feral horde
10% more damage vs. The silver alliance.

Faction: The Undead Legion
10% more damage vs. Feral Horde.

In this realm, Dragons rule the lands.

You will need powerful heroes to be the champion.

Your active quest can be seen on Quest Ledger.

Leveling up unlocks new things.

Your castle accumulates money over time.

You need to construct more buildings to run a prosperous realm.

Always check on your quests.
Finish your quests by meeting your certain requirements and to be awarded with gold experience if you finish a quest.

Besides gold and experience, you can earn honor by fighting with other players in the battle list.

The higher your win streak, the better the prizes you can win, and the harder the opponents you will be matched with.