Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clash of Glory Guide, Tips, Time Cheats and Strategy for Android/iOS Game

Clash of Glory Summarize Guide to Victory

Upgrade your Town Hall to increase HITPOINTS, STORAGE CAPACITY for POTION, GOLD and most importantly to unlock other things.

After you upgrade your Town Hall  you should upgrade your Storage and Production for Gold and Potion.

You need storage to increase the cap limit for the preparation of Town Hall next upgrade.

Production for Gold and Potion are just bonus for your upgrade/build costs because you can earn more resources by successfully attacking enemies.

Your next upgrade is for your offense and defense, you can upgrade your defense buildings for future ambush and army offense for attacking enemies in pvp.

When you have a plenty of resources and have a cap limit greater than your Town Hall next upgrade, just upgrade your Town Hall to unlock more things to improve your territory.

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