Saturday, October 19, 2013

Battle of Zombies Clans War Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

Battle of Zombies Clans War Mini Guide

How to send/receive troops in the clan?
To send the troops to your clan mate you have to enter the clan chat and if your clan mate asks for help. To get troops to your clan hall you have tochoose a clanhall and click the icon with the megaphone and inscription help

How to transfer resources to a friend?
Unfortunately, there is no such function and it's very unlikely to be introduced. Such ability would upset the gaming balance.

How to become the officer of the clan/What can officer of the clan do?
You can be promoted to the rank of the officer by other officer or the head of the clan. The officer can invite and kick off the clan.

How to create a clan?
Creation of a clan costs 200000 of energy. Choose your clanhall, click the icon clan in the appeared window you'll see a tab "Create a Clan"

How to attack friends?
You can attack only those bases, that are suggested to you automatically, when you tap attack.

Why do my troops disappear after the battle I won?
Unfortunately, landed zombies don't come back from the battle, so is the gameplay.

How can I get Gems?
You can get gems as an award for achievements and quests, or for removing obstacles at your base, you can also buy gems at the shop.