Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ARC Squadron Redux Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iOS Game

ARC Squadron Redux Mini Guide

Always focus on upgrading your ships and whenever there is a new ship unlocked, either you must upgrade your current ship or buy the ship as soon as possible.

You must upgrade you current ship when you face a difficulty in getting stars and fast kills.

Take note the powerful your ship is the higher you will get score thus getting more coins.

You can also buy the newest unlock ship if you have no problems of getting high score.

Weapons really help you on your missions, do not upgrade any weapons because new weapons are powerful than a previous full level weapon.

Advantage of buying new weapons versus old weapons are features and it's damage output.

The upgrade cost of weapons should be allotted to your ships.

The pre-requisite of new weapons are only ships, meaning you should buy a new ship to have a weapon unlocks.

You don't need skins as it doesn't help in anyway, it is just only cosmetics of the game.

Stages are categorized by 3:

  • Normal stages: These stages needs to be finished to proceed to your next stages
  • Challenge stages: These stages are optional and can be skipped, however you will have a difficult mission to finish.
  • Boss stages: These is a stage where you need to fight a boss to proceed your next stages or to finish the game.

How to earn fast coins in ARC Squadron Redux game

  • Have a powerful ship and weapons.
  • Always have a perfect combo and kills.
  • Get perfect stars by finishing a previous stages or current stages
  • When getting perfect star at previous stages, I suggest to beat your last boss because it is easier to finish and gives coins similar to normal stages.

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