Monday, September 9, 2013

Reaper by Hexage Guide, Cheats, Tips, Skills Destiny Tarot for Android/iOS Game

Reaper Guide

Auto Attacks whenever there are enemies or pots of gold within reach and gives you rage.
Tap to Jump and Tap again to Double Jump.
Small circle coins gains 5 coins while bean shaped coins gains 25 coins.
While traveling, you may encounter a wild enemy. You will be force to face the wild enemy before you can travel again to your destination.
Every Level up, you can choose one card from the destiny tarot.
If you are attacking enemies, just move a little bit because when you stop you auto attacks will stop too.
There are quests you can play with and every quest you decided to choose, there will be another location you need to travel and attack those enemies or you can sneak away.
You can buy items such as weapons and armors and etc. Miko The Blacksmith.
Every Victory you will gain experience, gold and score.

Skills In-Game, Cost Rage

Charge through enemies on the ground or in the air.
Gesture: Swipe left or right to charge.

Manual Attack that knocks enemies flying.
Gesture: Swipe Up to perform uppercut.

Strike earthward with tremendous force.
Gesture: Swipe Down to perform slam.

Shatter the ground and crush the enemies below you.
Gesture: Swipe Down when in the air.

Aerial flurry of slashes.
Gesture: Double tap while in the air.

Character Stats

Block Chance
Critical Chance
Critical Damage

Reaper is a free game, the full game is purchasable for three options:

Adventure Edition
Full Game

Destiny Edition
Full Game
Torken Arena
Fortune Teller
Destiny Item Set

Dark Legend Edition
Full Game
Torken Arena
Fortune Teller
Destiny Item Set
Dark Item Set
Dark Side Quest
Dark Harvest Mode

Skills/Destiny Tarot

Where others would fall, you survive.
+18 health

Domination through force.
+8 Strength

You go first, thunder follows.
Jump Higher Run Faster

Fend off incoming blows and missiles.
+2,4% Block Chance

Mighty Slam
Slam Rage attack deals 250% damage instead of 160%

Stomp Rage attack has 30% chance to stun enemies for 3 seconds

Deep Rage
Rageburns within you
Begin battle with 2 skulls of rage

Thousand Cuts
Whirlwin rage of attacks deal 45% damage of instead of 30%

Critical Hit
+ 1,4% chance to cause massive damage with any strike.

Stunning Blows
Uppercut Rage Attack has 22% chance to stun enemy for 4 seconds.

Enemy attacks fuel your rage
+1 Skull of Rage per 32 damage suffered

Powerful Swing
Uppercut rage attack deals 165% damage instead of 120%

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