Thursday, September 19, 2013

Candy Blast Guide, Tips and Strategy for Android/iOS Game

Candy Blast Guide

In every level you passed, your current level will be equivalent to the percentage that will be add to the percentage for getting a single star.
It takes atleast level 14 to get a single star.
The timer has approximately 35 seconds and every mistake deducts 1-2 seconds

Vertical Lightning
Clears 1 column of candy.

Horizontal Lightning
Clears 1 row of candy.

Cross Lightning
Clears 1 row and 1 column of candy.

Clears the same candy.

clear nearby candies "9x9".

Increases your timer for 3-4 Seconds.


Always clear those candies that has power-ups so that when there is new wave of candies, some candies will have another set of power ups.
Don't waste your time to look for candies that can be chained for 5 or more, 2 or 3 chained candies is enough as long as you get them very fast.
Try to get atleast 40 combo's per level.
Prioritize those candies that have a Time power up, it will increase your time and a chance to appear again in the same level.
Save those other power ups for emergency use when you can't chain candies anymore.

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