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IMW : Immortal Warrior Extreme Guide Cheats - Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Immortal Warrior Extreme (IMW) Immortal Warrior Extreme (IMW) Action RPG Strategy game that will thrill you with a battle scene between the Vetter army. In the face of the IMMORTAL collision. Challenging gameplay with strategically placed hero teams.

Game Overview
• Unique Team Building is a unique team of heroes.
Break Break Hero Compose, Evolve, Awaken
• Multiple Game Mode Multiplayer mode Story, Constella, Dungeon
• Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, PvP (Winner League) and Guild Raid

• There are 7 heroes of 5 constellations, 5 of which can be developed in a variety of forms.
• Compose Hero. Other Heroes, Use Exp (Drop in Story Mode).
• Evolve Hero To add a star using an equal number of heroes.
• Awaken Hero Awake the Awake rocks from the Awaken Dungeon up to 3 times, which highlights the hero's beautiful appearance.

Story Mode
• Join the adventures of the Immortal Warrior Extreme with over 10 levels. There are 3 challenging levels: Normal, Hard and Very Hard.

Giant Boss
• Face the Boss to have a chance to appear during the adventure. If successful, the reward will be rewarded. Guild members can also fight.

Constellation Dungeon
• Awaken Hero Collects Awake Stone from this mode.
• Hero Dungeon accumulates pieces to summon heroes from this mode.

Treasure Dungeon
• The Treasure Hunt between Horug, Entrydal and Paragon.

Temple of Destiny
• Doodle Jump Board Strategy is different with all three dice are regular dice, red dice (odd numbers) and blue dice (double digits).

Winner League
• Challenge Yourself By fighting in the Colosseum stadium. Can fight NPC and Player to win trophies like Crystals, Trophies, Winner Point, from Beginner to Master.

Kavala Temple
• Upgrade the Heroes to fight in the Winner League with the Winner Point.

Fuse Hero
• New formula for Fuse Hero

• Join the 30 Hearts Adventurers from the guild members. Unlock the prize and call Giant Boss to appear.

• Mission Statement Award winning character development, adventure and adventure each day.

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