Monday, November 6, 2017

Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold Guide Cheats - Full Game Walkthrough Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Practice the simple words in the hidden treasure hunt!

Did you hear about the Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold? One of the tome of many mysteries, he has been brought an unexpected pair for a quest to find - introvert thinkers Mortimer, and extrovert, spontaneous kate but many twists come.

Can you help Mortimer and Kate in their hands? It turns out that you are not the same person behind him ... Keep your eyes wide open for the exam, and leave your mind in the beautiful artwork puzzle !

Mortimer and Kate for their research find incredible gold book
Bright light and find all kinds of competition riddles
List all the personal property in order to collect the resources and provide feedback as well as research
Enjoy 60 story levels and 18 more competitors
Visit 30 different locations and test your brain in the desert, desert, and many happy places
Get querny characters and make new friends, but be careful - not all of them are what they see!
Collect all diamonds and go for auctions to get artifacts to Mortimer's own collection
Improve the competition and competition with the whole family and enjoy items together

Try the first few free levels! Full-level adds will be unlocked with in-app purchases

I like the game. It's a time out of the game where it's a challenge in the context of the game / pride in an attack game, but this is not the worst! I think the game is less than the home management time management schedule, so at $ 10, this is another of the challenges. It should be played again, though, and I want to play more from Mortimer and Emily's daughter Kate. Just ask yourself, GameHouse: Please get rid of Kate's huge handbag. It is not easy to imagine a person going

Like the game, but dislike, only 10 stages of play are free, so they are required to pay for games. If you still choose Bummed, your game might probably be destroyed

Like this game plays every playhouse at least twice, but like the fact that Mortimer played for the first time this latest addition with this Delily Delicious, I wanted another! Is waiting for a new medication?

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